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Help Get Kids Outdoors!

I have decided to climb another mountain for Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT) and help get kids outdoors.  BAWT trains youth workers and teachers (like me!) in wilderness leadership, first aid, and checks out the needed equipment and even vans so kids can spend their first night ever under the stars in the wilderness.  There are so many great causes out there, but BAWT is mine, and I have raised over $8,500 through two climbs for BAWT.  I have climbed Mt. Rainier and The Grand Teton for BAWT.

Check out the video I created of my Grand Teton Climb:

Where have I been?

the image above is a still frame from a video of El Capitan.  If Ansel had a video camera, I think he would have shot it this way.


Hiking: Queen's Garden Podcast!

Queen's Garden by Tony Farley

I took another trip to Bryce over Spring Break with Cheryl and Alex.  We toured around the rim and stayed at Ruby's for a couple days.  I went there last year to film the Above The Rim episode, but I wanted to show Bryce to Cheryl and Alex.  I think Bryce is one of those places in the world that is so out of the ordinary and so amazing that you just have to see it for real to understand it.

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 Loowit Falls Hike

I'm now working with EveryTrail.